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Mr. Songsin Tiewsomboon, writer & illustrator.

Born in 20 April 1981, Bangkok, Thailand.


Over 15 years of working as an independent artist,

Songsin has created Illustrated novels, short stories, and fables

by working on both narrative and illustration parts.

His books have been published in Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and China.

Currently, he continues writing his graphic novels,

along with design book covers or illustrations for other writers, beside designing music band's album covers.

In addition, he also a co-founder of brand 'Songsinthings' which is his own publishing house to sell his books across country,

including create various kind of products that he designed with his wife such as perfume, clothing, music and many other forms of art.

   " Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see. "

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